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Berkshire Spiral Cut Uncured Ham

Bake it, grill it or fry it, Tender Belly uncured spiral ham is the perfect meal. Period.

Our 100% Berkshire, naturally uncured, spiral cut hams are like nothing you have ever tasted. The intramuscular fat marbling, natural cure and sweet honey glaze make for one of the best ham experiences you have ever had. The ham comes pre-glazed and wrapped in foil so all you have to do is throw it in the oven, warm it to your desired temp and serve. Why wait for a holiday?
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Subscription Details

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Half Ham (10lbs)



Tender, juicy and deliciously divine swine. Pre-glazed and wrapped in foil, our uncured spiral hams are perfect for any occasion.


Uncured Ham Prepared w/Water, Salt, Tarbinado Sugar, and Celery Powder. Glazed w/Sugar, Brown Sugar, Honey Granules, Spices


Weight: 11

Certified Awesome
Heritage Hogs
  • Only Heritage Breeds
  • Raised by US Family Farmers
  • No Farrowing or Gestation Crates
  • 100% Vegetarian Diet
  • No Antibiotics, No Hormones
Superior Recipes
  • Perfected for Amazing Flavor
  • Sourced by Elite Chefs Nationwide
  • Primed for Culinary Creativity
Serious Sustainability
  • Sky-High Standards
  • Humane Practices
  • Nose-To-Tail Usage

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