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Did Someone Say Bacon and Bubbles

Posted January 14, 2016

Photo ofDid Someone Say Bacon and Bubblesby Tender Belly
By Twisted Afternoon Tea

If you are local to Colorado, you have to love this ingenious combination.  Isn't this the perfect start for any Sunday brunch?  This gift pack not only makes a fun topic, but it is pretty darn good.

I came across these products via my boss who is an avid wine drinker.  I cannot remember how he first discovered The Infinite Monkey Theorem, but what a find.  While he was looking on their site to see all the different wines they make, he came across the bacon and wine gift pack.  You know what everyone got that year for Christmas and boy was it a hit. Being the dedicated EA, I picked up the local gift packs at their Tasting Room in LoDo.  I fell in love with the tasting room and the story behind the pairing.  Turns out that the two companies share the space so they thought, “why not sell them together.” While I waited for my pickup, I spotted the next best thing to bacon and wine…WINE IN A CAN!!!  Talk about a soccer mom’s energy drink.  They come in three delicious flavors. But the best thing is you don’t have to waste a full bottle of wine when all you want is a glass. And if you are heading out for a concert in the park, you don’t have to worry about the no glass contain rule.  Talk about a win win. Although there is much fun to be had, please drink responsibly. When I first tried Tender Belly Bacon, I was immediately in love and no other bacon would be good enough. To my delight, many of my favorite restaurants started serving these slices of heaven.  I have been known to drive across town to pick up a package or two when I am planning a meal that requires bacon. In an up coming post, I will be writing about how to do a Bloody Mary Bar justice.  Yes, bacon slices are a requirement and yes, they must be Tender Belly.  The two flavors, Dry-Rub Uncured Mapleand Dry-Rub Uncure Habanero, add a twist to a plain Mary and a lot of yummy to the tummy.